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City ROCK Johannesburg donates old climbing ropes for Fourways Bushbabies

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Ever wondered what City ROCK Johannesburg does with their old top ropes? They try to be as conservation-minded as possible and their old ropes have seen great reuse as dog leashes for the SPCA, playgrounds for bird gardens and now Bushbabies highways.

On Saturday 27th November 2021, Sibiti Private Estate resident Christiaan Louw and Surita Volland from Save the Bushbabies mobilised a group of supporters and volunteers to meet up at the "Bushbaby Corridor" to install a network of "Bushbaby Ropes".

Christiaan has been in touch with The Mountain Club of South Africa and City Rock Johannesburg to collect ropes for the Bushbabies in the estate. This effort has since turned into a massive conservation drive to save the "Bushbaby Corridor", situated a stone's throw from Sibiti, between Waterford East and West. 

Staff from City Rock Johannesburg and another local guiding company were on scene to install the Bushbaby ropes. Surita and members of the Save the Fourways Bushbabies conservation group were on hand to assist and provide their support.

Surita Volland, Founder and Director of Save the Fourways Bushbabies

In a video interview, Surita Volland, founder and director of Save the Fourways Bushbabies, explained the importance of preserving this small piece of land known as the "Bushbaby Corridor" to ensure the continued survival of one of the last resident Bushbaby colonies in the area and the other flora and fauna species that sustain this natural ecosystem.

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