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Meet the Team

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Surita Volland

Surita founded Save the Fourways Bushbabies and her passion and mission is to secure a future for these vulnerable little creatures by sustaining the Bushbaby Corridor for their continued future survival.


Shamba, the Bushbaby Whisperer. He has an uncanny ability to track the bushbabies, but can also clearly distinguish between the different groups and individual bushbabies.

Dirk Engelbrecht

Dirk Engelbrecht

Dirk is the CEO and co-founder of Wild Serve NPC an Urban Biodiversity Conservation non-profit.

Therese Rink

Therese Rink

Therese lives in Hermanus as an Artist and she is incorporating animals in her works lately to further raise awareness about their increasing plight on our planet.

Koven Moodley

Koven is a science-based, ethical, force-free pet Behaviourist and is passionate about the physical and emotional welfare of animals.

Dean Polley

Dean Polley

Dean is a passionate wildlife photographer, conservationist and is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of our website.

Christiaan Louw

Christiaan is an outdoor enthusiast that loves rock climbing and camping in the wildest of places. He got involved with the Bushbabies out of his sheer love for animals, and nature as a whole.

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