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About Gremlin

The story about Gremlin

3 March 2019 | Gremlin arrives at CARE


Gremlin was a baby Bushbaby who fell out of his nest, and even though someone tried to reunite him with his mother, she never came back for him. He was then brought to CARE Douglasdale.

He still had his umbilical cord and weighed a tiny 10 grams. He was kept in a carefully controlled incubator and was fed a specific diet, every four hours.


That adorable face had us hooked!

5 March 2019 | Tube Feeding


Irene McKenzie sent us this picture of Gremlin getting one of his feeds at Wildlife C.A.R.E. in Douglasdale.  He was getting bigger and stronger each and every day. 

Gremlin's plight was largely due to human encroachment into his natural habitat. Gremlin's home and the lives of his fellow resident Bushbabies are under constant threat of being destroyed by property developers. 


To help fight for Gremlin’s family in the Fourways Bushbaby corridor, please sign our petition and spread the word! 

18 March 2019 | Gremlin is thriving


Thank you to Kathy Raffray for sharing this wonderful update on Gremlin. 

We were so happy to see he was thriving! Also, a big thank you to Irene McKenzie for taking such good care of little Gremlin.

27 March 2019 | Gremlin is thriving


Just look at this picture of Gremlin the Bushbaby! He was then weighing in at 37 grams and was getting cuter by the day.

As always, a sincere thank you to Irene McKenzie at C.A.R.E. Douglasdale for having taken such good care of little Gremlin.

27 March 2019 | Gremlin's first meal worm


Irene McKenzie sent us a video of little Gremlin having his first ever worm. I think it’s safe to say that he thoroughly enjoyed it!

dd mmm 2019 | Dean Polley gets to meet Gremlin



dd mmm 2019 | Gremlin moves to Buffesldrift Game Reserve


A special release catch was built for Gremlin and placed in close proximity to wild nesting Bushbabies. This would provide the opportunity for both Gremlin and the wild Bushbabies to get acquainted with each other and for us to monitor their behaviour towards each other before finally releasing Gremlin and hopefully integrating him with his new wild family.

A big thank you to Surita Volland for sponsoring the release cage.

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